Andrew Arruda


Andrew Arruda

CEO, ROSS Intelligence

A born entrepreneur who started his first company on his elementary school playground, Andrew Arruda, who “grew up on Law & Order,” resolved to become a lawyer at the very mature age of 7.  Arruda worked at a neighborhood law firm to pay his way through college and law school and after being called to the Bar, Arruda practiced law for a few “long” days before the sirens of entrepreneurialism beckoned, and he set off to cofound ROSS Intelligence. As ROSS’ first teacher, Arruda taught ROSS some it’s first legal lessons – something he reminds the legal training team of frequently. Arruda is ROSS Intelligence’s CEO and when he’s not on a plane, emailing or in a meeting, you can find him penning jokes for his stand-up career which he swears he will set in motion “once he finds the time.” Send your thoughts, praise, or one-liners, to Arruda via Twitter @AndrewArruda.

Sessions featuring Andrew Arruda

  • Day 2: Panel discussion – AI and deep thinking tools, 3:05-3:50 pm
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